[Source] Undrilled beads

Hello all,

I’ve checked my usual suppliers with no success. I need undrilled 8mm
gemstone beads… spheres…mini-marbles, whatever. Surely, someone
out there who makes beads would like to sell some without the hole!
Thank you everyone. Best regards and thanks to Hanuman, Judy in

Judy M. Willingham, R.S.
Extension Associate
221 Call Hall Kansas State Univerisity
Manhattan KS 66506
(785) 532-1213 FAX (785) 532-5681

Hi, Try barnowlc@aol.com I think he may be able to help you.

judy - the best place for price and selection is Zarlene in ft.
lauderdale, fl. their email address is: Apex-Zarlene@worldnet.att.net
& they always have ads in lapidary journal. ive


The best contact I found after many months of searching is:

Hong Kong Lapidaries, Inc
2801 University Drive
Coral Springs Fl  33065

They have many great semi precious spheres in 8mm and more.
Have Fun! Rebecca.

Possible source for undrilled opal, moonstone, wyo.jade, blk
onyx, hematite, tigereye. sizes vary depending on stones. and what
is in stock.

6.5mm hem= .026 cents   or 2.60 per 12

tiger eye 3mm=.13
              7mm =.42
              8mm = .45

  Wholesale catalog: Joseph P Stachura Co. Inc. 

  tele: 508 278 6525 email  Stachuraco@compuserve.com 

  located in Uxbridge Mass. 

Good luck

don’t know if this will help or not.
Lots of pearls and other gems and findings.


Fire Mountain Gems used to sell undrilled beads for caging, etc.
Don’t know if they still do. I know they still have half-drilled. Can
you hide one hole? (800)423-2319. Abeada also has half-drilled beads
and pearls. Lin