[Source] Ultrasonic bead drilling machine

Hello, from Nevada Cassidys, I am newly interested in beadmaking and
am looking to purchae a ultrasonic bead drilling machine does any of
you fine folk know of any reliable supplier?

Nevada Cassidys
P.O. Drawer 528
Silver City, Nevada 89428

Hi Suzanne,

Contact Bill Ritter of Cutting Edge Solutions.

He imports ultrasonic drills and may also have reconditioned units.
No commercial connection. Just a good friend, reliable and likeable.

Hans Durstling
Moncton, Canada

This link is the only machine I got searching for “ultrasonic
drilling machine”:

LUD-200B Drilling machine


It looks like the machine we used to have long ago, which was an
Imahashi - You can go to Imahashi, but they don’t sell retail. That
price is about what they run, but you should definately shop around.
Rio Grande used to sell high-end, really expensive ones, like
$30,000 for the chip industry, but I don’t see any reference to it -
it was actually a spin off of rio grande. The Imahashi’s or similar,
are real nice machines for a moderate cost - As with all things,
you’ll need to figure out how to use it - they’re a little quirky, or
used to be.