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[Source] tumbling medium


About 15 years ago, I bought a medium for tumble-polishing metal
jewelry. It was called “Cerambits,” and consists of dark brown,
irregularly shaped, rounded little pieces. I bought it from a
dealer who is, unfortnately, dead. Does anyone out there know
where I could get more Cerambits? I’m still using mine, but
they’re slowly getting smaller and smaller. I’ve tried other
ceramic media, but so far nothing gives quite as nice a finish
as Cerambits. Thanks in advance!

Judy Bjorkman


Judy, the new media is a huge improvement over the old stuff.
You probably need to do a two or three stage finishing process
and then can get a finish undetectable from hand finishing. The
old deal of stuffing your jewelry in a rotary barrel for a few
hours is what gave tumbling a bad name. For more
there is a book, "Tumble Finishing for hand made jewelry"
available for $12 from Rio Grand Albuquerque. If you want
specific recommendations for media, e-mail me at @Judy_Hoch
with the specifics of what you are finishing. Another Judy