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[Source] Tumbler barrel replacement

Hey out there. Does anyone know where to buy 3lb replacement barrels
for a chicago tumbler online or at a retail store in southern
california? I saw replacement barrels for a Lortone available. Does
anyone know if the Lortone will work in a Chigago?


I have a Chicago tumbler from Harbor Freight - red body - switch -
single barrel. Is that the one you havee Don’t know if it is a 3# one
or not. The original barrel smelled so bad we could not have it in
the building - and I am talking about a 7500 square foot warehouse
type building. This had to be pretty nasty stuff. So, I bought a
Lortone barrel. We had to do a little shaving of the edges and a
little mod to the plastic bumper on the tumbler itself. If I screw
the lid down really well, and make sure it is tumbling before I leave
the room, it works.


Cool! Thanks Deb. That seems to be the consensus from the responses
I’ve gotten. The lortone will fit the chicago.

I saw the barrels online too.

Thanks again,