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[Source] Tugtupite & sugalite

Hello, all,

I have tried all of my usual sources for a 15 X 10.5 mm oval
tugtupite to replace one lost out a customer’s ring and have come up
with a lot of blank stares and “I’ve never heard of it” responses. It
is a pink stone with light and dark veining, found in Greenland, which
is where the customer purchased this ring.

If anyone knows of a source for this I would appreciate it if you
would e-mail me.

I am also looking for someone who can cut a crescent moon out of
sugalite to be used in a belly-button ring (New Hampshire’s going

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Hi sharon: Check out this site. also some additional
info on tugtupite is at

Sharon, I purchased some tugtupite, from a fellow from Greenland , off
of E-bay and to be honest I think it is rhodocrosite. Would be
interesting to see what others say.

Sharon, you might try the name “reindeer stone”. According to
Schumann’s “Gemstones of the World” tugtupite is also called that.

Hope this helps.
Rose Alene McArthur @O_B_McArthurs

Hi, I saw your request on Orchid.

I do custom lapidary and have exquisite sugilite that I can cut to

The Tugtupite I can get but it will take several weeks. is my website and catalog for gems, crystals
and jewelry.

I just got a Ceylon sapphire to set in 18k … 3.03 carat of the
most intense awesome blue beauty… you can see a pic of it and other
exquisite corundums (sapphires & rubies) at:

Let me know if you need more info.

All the best in all things



Try Greenland Resources. Very nice people. They’re at, Fax 299-32-7914, Phone 299-32-7913, or
Box 821, Nuuk, Greenland 3900. They specialize in tugtupite, nuummit
and other unique Greenland gems. IMHO, tugtupite is an acquired taste
but probably an appropriate memento of a Greenland vacation. Good

Rick Martin

Lisa, I am looking at a book that gives the chemical formula for the
two different stones. Not sure that it will type out exactly
correctly, but rhodochrosite has the chemical formula of MnCO3,
manganese carbonate, and Tugtupite is Na8[Cl2 | (BeAlSi4O12)2]. It is
interesting that tugtupite was not discovered until 1960.
Sincerely, Rose Alene McArthur @O_B_McArthurs

Tugtupite is Na8[Cl2 | (BeAlSi4O12)2].

G’day; This translates roughly as sodium beryllium aluminium

I would suggest that all due care be taken not to inhale any of the
dust from this material as beryllium compounds are very poisonous

John Burgess; @John_Burgess2 of Mapua Nelson NZ

Dear Sharon,

I am Liz McKay and have been just lurking for some time now. I just
happened to see this post and honestly do not know if you found what
you were looking for. So, I apologize if you did and I am giving you
this too late.

We have some Tugtupit to sell depending on how much of what kind you
are looking for. you are welcome to contact me about what we have at

THE source for tugtupit is Peter Lindberg in Greenland. He actually
mines this material. I had an email from him a couple of weeks ago
and he said he was listing some rough on ebay. You can reach Peter at or contact me for more Peter is
very nice and easy to work with. I might cut a sugilite into a moon
shape for you if you have not found what you want there yet.

Liz McKay