[Source] Tufa Stone

Does anyone have a source for tufa stone for use in casting?
thanks Geo.

Does anyone have a source for tufa stone for use in casting?
thanks Geo.

Thunderbird Supply Co.
1907 W. Highway 66
Gallup, NM   87301

Hi Geo.

The best place for Tufa is the reservations in Arizona…
Perhaps other reservations in other states may have it…

If you still can’t locate a supplier I will try to inquire here
where you can find some… There may be a place in Flagstaff ,
Arizona… I will try to check it out…

Do you have any good techniques for using Tufa ? I have a few
big pieces laying around in my studio and would love to use

Luisa …

Re the request for Tufa stone, I suggest Indian Jewelers Supply
in Gallup, New Mexico. They show it in their 1997 catalogue as
stock #340-TF01, at $1.50/lb for up to 9 lbs, with a drop at
10-24lbs. Their number is 1-800- 545 - 6540. I have always
found them to be very helpful. If they don’t carry it anymore,
I am pretty sure I saw it at Santa Fe Jewelry Supply but my guess
is that IJS would be less expensive. I am so happy to have been
able to help someone on this site! I have felt like a sponge,
soaking in all your wonderful advice, but wishing I could give
something back. Now perhaps I have! Shael Barger dakotah designs

Hello; My name is John Barton and I am a silversmith. I order my
tufa from Indian Jewelers Supply in Gallup,New Mexico. They are
a good source for everything pertaining to the creation of
native american jewelry. Their phone numer is (1-800-545-6540)
Let me hear from you if I can help on anything else,good
luck…John Barton