[Source] Transite board

I am looking for a Transite HT type of refractory product in 1/2 inch
board form, in the Phoenix Arizona area. No success so far. This is
what Metalwerx has as a working surface on the melting and soldering
area in the classroom and studio. I’d like to cover my
melting/annealing bench top with this sort of a material. I don’t
need much of it, 2 x 3 feet would suffice. If anyone knows a local
source for this or a similar product in my area please contact me.

Thank you,

Michael David Sturlin

here is the web site for the company they probably will be able to
tell you how close the nearest dealer is.


Also you may find a supplier for the solderrite soldering pads. I do
know that Armstrong tools Michigan localtion has them from 6"x6" to
12x 18 is the size I’ve had for years.

glen been there done that