[Source] Top Quality Mandrin Garnets

I am looking for source for “Mandarin Garnets” Which I believe is a
orange color (tangerine) variety of Spessartine Garnet. I need
top quality faceted rounds in 1.75 mm diameter. Any one out there
have a source?

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James, Black Star Trading out of Flagstaff Arizona carries mandarin
garnets. NameBright - Coming Soon

Lee Einer
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I am looking for source for "Mandarin Garnets"  Which I believe is
a orange color  (tangerine) variety of  Spessartine Garnet. 

Hi Jim, As I understand it, the only spessartine/spessartite that
is legitimately called “Mandarin Garnet” is the material that comes
out of Namibia. (It is the most purely orange gemstone that I have
ever seen; other spessartite seems to have at least a slightly
brownish overtone.) Some say the Nigerian spessartite rivals it.

There is only one source for this Mandarin Garnet that I know of
(they’re in Tucson every year): G.E.M. Namibia (Pty.), Ltd. As far
as I know, they have no website. Their email address is
roupgem@netvision.net.il (Israel). I would think they could tell
you which US dealers might have this material.

If you’re interested in more, see the following Colored Stone


Hi Jim, Your request for a source of orange garnets - - Try Mike
William’s, One of the last newsletters from him was for orange
garnets. I have bought from him and have found him to be a very good
supplier! try www.qualitygemrough.com. It was called a Labor Day
Sale so he might still have some!!! Another Jim!