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[Source] Top-grain belts and exotics

Hello all,

On the subject of belts, does anyone know of another source for
unfinished, high grade belt leather? I’m familiar with Tandy, Indian
Jeweler’s Supply, and Santa Fe Jeweler’s Supply. However, I’d like
to find others that carry top-grain leather and/or shark skin,
ostrich, and aligator belts or skins?

Thank you,

I am a member of the The Honourable Cordwainers Company (shoe
making). <—your feet will love you forever
if you get shoes made by these wonderful artists!

I have forgotten the skill due to my brain injury, but I do remember
the frustration of finding quality leather suppliers.

Tandy is not a leather supplier of quality leather they are umm
hmmm mostly low end to mid level at best…and over priced. Except
on Osborne tools and books those are ok.

Leather tools ah memory flash Osborne are top notch.

After all the proper tools last a lifetime and prevent injury.

For making belts I stitched with a Speedy stitcher less than 10
dollars usually and lasts forever.

And also I have a supplier from England that I need to find the
catalog it has samples of the leathers right there in the catalog.

Thanks for the memory jolt lol Just saw my doctor yesterday and my
neurologist thinks I may regain my technical memory so maybe I can
again remember how to make museum quality shoes.

When I first took out my tools in 2000 I was devastated as I could
not remember what they were used for…it was knowing I should know
that and just having no idea very devastating. 4 years later maybe I
can again try and learn what I used to love to do as a part time
income earner and loved research hobby.

Teri D
America’s Only Cameo Artist


For many years, I have been a very satisfied purchaser of quality
leather belts from:

	P.O. BOX 157
	CHACON, N.M.  87713
	phone:  (505) 387-5233

They do supply a catalog with black, brown colors, both plain and
embossed (patterned), with straight or billet (tapered) ends. I
make many designs in sterling buckles and use their belts, available
in all sizes made to order.

As an aside, I have personally worn my buckles and their belts these
many years and am pleased to note that I have not had need to order
my belt in a larger size!

Thanks, Orchid, for being at my finger tips daily.


Try Siegel of California (

Ron Charlotte – Gainesville, FL
@Ron_Charlotte1 OR

Hi, Reba,

I don’t know what it’s like now, but you might want to check your
Yellow Pages (or those of the nearest large city). In the 60s, we
always bought from local suppliers–it’s much better to be able to
look at and touch a skin before you purchase, especially if you’re
paying top dollar. Tandy had stores back then, but their quality,
selection, and price didn’t compare to the privately owned

Good luck!

Lisa Orlando
Aphrodite’s Ornaments
Benicia, CA

I have at times, gone to stores like Ross, Filenes, Loehmans, etc. to
buy belts just for the leather. Nice leathers, interesting braiding,
colors and textures can often be found at discounted prices. I don’t
know if the prices are high versus finding a leather supplier, but
since I don’t make a lot of belts, I don’t mind getting what I want
and not looking in some black and white catalog.

I discard the buckles and attach my own buckles (stays and tips
occasionally). If I don’t want to attach the belts myself, I take
them to a luggage or shoe repair person to stitch the leather.

Donna Shimazu