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[Source] Tool steel for blanking dies

Hi Everyone,

It’s ages since I checked into the Orchid Forum and now I have great
need of your vast wealth of knowledge.

Am looking for some thin (between 1 and 2mm thick) tool steel in
sheets of approx 5 x 8 cm and having the devil of a time finding a
source. Certainly none to be had in South Australia.

Can anyone help please?
Thanks, Renate


Dimensions haven’t been given on their websites but have you tried
Interlloy or Austral.

Roger (also in South Australia)

I don’t know if they ship to Australia but has a
variety of tool steel sheet in various sizes.

James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts


Hi Renate,

Rio Grande stocks the tool steel for blanking dies, and ships

Cynthia Eid

Hi Renate,

How about using OLD saw blades, hand saws, circular saws, crosscut
saws, etc. You should be able to anneal them, then cut easily and
finally, re-harden/temper. They will probably be high enough carbon
content to harden up into the high 50’s on the Rockwell C scale. A
major advantage is likely to be finding them in antique or junk
shops at salvage prices!

Dr. Mac (I’ve loved visiting Australia but it’s been quite a long
time now)

Thanks to everyone for their help. The idea of using old saw blades
(David McIntyre) is brilliant… wish I’d thought of that before I
ordered some from McMaster-Carr, though perhaps most might be too
thin for some the purposes I have for it.

Good on you all!

Rio Grande stocks the tool steel for blanking dies, and ships

Thanks for this Cynthia.

I had found McMaster-Carr just before receiving your and
had ordered some. I got the usual email saying… roughly “thanks
for the order we will notify you when it has been shipped”. Didn’t
hear anything, nothing happening on the credit card. Emailed an
enquiry after 4 days and got a very curt message back saying they
don’t ship overseas and therefore my order has been cancelled. Not a
word until I enquired. I thought their attitude very rude and replied
to that effect.

I have now ordered the same from Rio Grande who have assured me that
they will ship it. Whew.

Cheers, Renate