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[Source] Titanium Sheet

I am looking for titanium sheet that is thicker than 20ga…does
anyone manufacture 14ga and if not is there a reason…I have just
started anodizing and it is an amazing process…I have not asked
Reactive Metals Studio because in the catalog the biggest sheet
listed is 22ga…thanks to all of your wonderful knowledge I enjoy
reading it every day

Rick Sindeband
Skystone and Silver

Hi, Hope you don’t mind if I butt in anyway. Ti sheet is available
in many thicknesses. We stay on the thin side for the workability.
.062-.065 is not an unusual request. the problem is most often
quantity. Some times, depending on your location, you can walk in to
a shop and purchase off the floor or even find aviation scrape. If
not, you pay a premium to have a small amount cut. This material
tends to be made in sheets 4ft wide and 10ft long. Setup and shop
time make it far more economic to buy in some kind of
quantity. The more the less expensive. Bill

Hello Rick, Please do not speak about gauche, it is so old fashion
and difficult to understand in the rest of the world. I have looked it
up and 20 gauche seems to be 1 millimetres. You can buy at nearly at
every big industrial supplier, titanium up to 20 millimetres If you
face trouble in this I can also be helpful, I live in the Netherlands
and the titanium can be trough shipping more expensive than were you
live. But if you need only a little bit, I have square 6 mm, and 1
1,2 1,5 and 2 mm sheet. Also round wire from 1.5 up to 5 mm I can buy
from 0.5 up to round 50 mm. and al kind of tubes.

The reason there is not much to buy in small sizes, is that there is
no much industrial need for. And we jewellers buy compared to the
industry nothing.

I do not know if you have a rolling mill you can easy roll down to
0.2 mm. (some clowing is neccesary, dull red) However I do not succeed
in drawing down titanium, not even in Tungsten drawplates. I know now
why wire below 1.5 mm is so expensive. But maybe someone else has
better success in this, and is willing to share this with me.

Martin Niemeijer