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[Source] Titanium chains, necklaces

Hi all,

We have had a number of requests of late for Titanium chain
necklaces. There is definitely nothing available here in South

Does anybody have any idea whether they actually exist and if so
where we might find them?

Shaun Pearton

you might try the world titanium council or Spectore for

Hi Shaun,

Yes they realy exist, try Alma finding in the Netherlands They have a
lot types of chain basic rings, etc all in titanium.


martin Niemeijer

It’s been a long time since this topic was opened and I am curious… which titanium chain suppliers may we add to this short list today? :slight_smile:

Hi J,
Ive looked at alma but they dont list chain.
Now i do a lot with titanium, comm pure grade 1 and carry wire in .5, 1, 2, and 2.5mm.
and can make up chain, but!! its expensive!.
The wire is as etched, in HF acid after annealing so a real pain to polish bright.
also to fire oxidise requires very careful tunnel kiln temp control. Otherwise the colours are all over the place!
Can all be done, what do you need?
also joining is also possible using micro tig in an argon atmosphere.
Just put together an 8 to 80 amp for making another product range. The Dark Ages, in 316 surgical stainless.
do you have customers for such a titanium chain product? .
Currently made up a 3 wire twist in 2.5mm forged into a “D” section,( for this used the 10 ton fly press between dies) then taper forged down each end all cold. Then fused up into a ball some 6mm dia on each end in an upright cup filled with argon.
Polished and bent up into a cuff torque. finally fire oxidised blue.
all part of the next 12 months work to remake everything ive ever made for a 50th anniversary expo here at my w/shops/studio next July… Cant wait to get up in the morning!!
Technical Ted
in Dorset

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Ted, Can you post pictures of the Titanium torque - in process and complete of you have any? I’d love to see them, as I’m sure others would, as well. ThanksEileen

We at Reactive Metals Studio carry titanium chains in 6 different styles along with titanium lobster clasps and jump rings! I’m not sure if it’s alright to post our website but you can always google Reactive Metals Titanium Chain. Should bring up our website.


Hi Eileen,
Will post pics when my IT son gets back Sund.

Hi Eileen, heres the picture you asked for.
Finished length 6.5in. Polishing is hard because the 1/8in wire 3 off has been annealed and HF acid pickled by the maker.
Grade 1 com pure. then fire oxidised in a neutral 2in dia propane flame on my propane bench.This is a 2in dia torch mounted vertically under a 9in sq 1in angle frame on a stand.
used for all annealing etc as well.

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Hi Ted,
That torque with the polish and oxidation finish looks almost “sapphiric” if there is such a word. Quite a nice twist (pun intended) on a classic form. I saw the wonderful Viking Exhibit (denver museum of science & nature) in Denve, CO and they had some brilliantly crafted Scandanavian medieval bracelets & torques in iron and silver. The image is a closeup featuring one end of a well crafted piece. Without the convenience of today’s technology for metal smithing, it’s almost painful to reverse engineer the piece in your mind’s eye.
Thanks for sharing and explaining. Eileen

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Thank you all for your messages.

I have experience working with titanium and I could make chain on my own (arc welder included). As happens with any hand made process, this cannot be cheap.

Reactive Metals sell a variety of titanium chains (thank you!) and I think that some titanium chain can be found on The Ring Lord.

Unfortunately it seems that Alma do not list chain… I find it hard to believe that there are no European titanium chain suppliers, any ideas?

PS. By the way amazing torque, @vladimirfrater!

Hi Jose,
thank you for your comments re the torque. Just one of my production products.
I interpret the historical periods in the art of the torque. currently making the bronze age and the dark ages.
Would you be interested to see the titanium bowls I forge?
If so ill get my IT guru to take some pics and post them up on this forum.
I also do them in solid sterling. weight 8.5 lbs !
ditto pics.

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Of course! In fact, I think that opening a new thread for your titanium works would be a great idea… this way they will receive the protagonism the deserve and this thread about titanium chain will not be denatured.

Thank you very much, @vladimirfrater! :slight_smile: