[Source] Titanium and Base metal Wire

I am in need of a source for light gauge titanium wire .015 and
smaller to use with our tack welder. Also we are searching for base
metal or light steel rivet wire for traditional rivets in watchbands
and other steel and base metal repairs. Thanks for your help

Sterling VanDerwerker
Royal Diadem Jewelers
Greensboro, NC

McMaster- Carr at http://www.mcmaster.com has a wide variety of wire
in titanium and base metals but the titanium is a little large at
.025 but they do have base metals in fine wires. Small Parts Inc. at
http://www.smallparts.com/products/descriptions/tiw.cfm has titanium
6-4 wore in .015" dia

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Reative Metals Studio has .010" Grade #1 Titanium wire drawn just
for this purpose. Please contact us at <@Michele_Deborah_Bill>.

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