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[Source] Tiny, 0.07mm melee

Good day and Happy 2007 to you all

I am in need of some assistance.

I am currently working on an antique platinum ring with sapphires
and tiny diamonds. There are three dias missing and they are
extremely small, and I have run into a roadblock trying to locate
replacements for them.

They are rose-cuts, and measure 0.7 mm. I would settle for old
miners or single-cuts at this point. I spoke with my cutter, and he
said they were too small for him to cut. The smallest I have been
able to find have been 1mm, and they’re just too big.

Does anyone out there have a source for these tiny stones?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!!

Jeff Regan
Cape Cod Mass

Jeff, get a ice cream stick, the flat ones, and drill the three holes
that are the size of diamond you want and I will put them in the
holes, tape both sides and ship it back to you, Stephen Wyrick,CMBJ,
GIA Diamonds.

Stuller has .05 and .075mm diamonds single cut