[Source] Three/Six Jaw Chuck

We need a three or six jaw chuck for a watchmakers lathe. New or
used. Not particular if in decent shape. None of our catalogs
show it (used to see them in older catalogs, I think) and we’d be
fine with a used one for that matter, anyway. If anyone would
have a lead in either case, we’d be obliged. Thank you!

Cheryl Burchell

I may have one. I have accumulated two older jeweler’s lathes,
and I think there is such an animal with one of them. It’ll be
a day or so before I’ll have the opportunity to see, as they are
stored in the attic! Too hot! Then, there is the decision on
whether to let it go, not knowing whether I will ever need it!
Perhaps we can work something out. Where are ya’ll located?
How is one of these critters used?