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[Source] Tahitian pearls

Hello Everyone:

I am looking for a source of tahitian pearls with good quality and
reasonable prices. The only two I currently know of are Stuller and
King’s Ransom. Are there any others out there? I am looking for the
8 - 10mm range in size. What should I expect price wise?


You can try Robert Shapiro in Madison WI. Email me off list if you
want contact info.

Daniel R. Spirer, G.G.

Eliko in NYC (800-538-0017) is great for those sizes. Price depends
on quality. If you’re near or planning a trip there I recommend
making an appointment which will provide you with the price/quality
that you seek. Sitting in front of a large selection and
range of pearls is educational. In SF, see Jack at Sea Hunt
(415-543-7900). Have a great weekend!

Best wishes,