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[Source] Swarovsky crystal components

We are looking for a source to purchase smaller quantities of
Swarovski crystal components (pointed, flat, foil backed no beads).

Rio has cut way back on their offerings and the large distributors
insist on selling full packs of 5, 7, gross or more, along with
$150-$200 minimum orders.

We purchase a wide variety of sizes and colors so it is difficult to
meet minimum requirements. There must be someone out there selling
smaller quantities, at understandably higher prices, but still
maintaining a large inventory, if not, could be a good business to go

Silver Artisans

I am not sure what you concider small quantities but may I suggest They do carry a large variety of 2012 and 2028 crystals
and many others (but those are beads) Very nice people to work with,
fast shipping, and they have a nice discount program. No affiliation,
just a satisfied customer.

Desta Marbury
Desmirada Designs

Try They have all kinds of Swarovskis
(including beads - ha,ha) and sell in smaller quantities. I don’t
beliebve they have a minimum order, as their shipping costs start at
orders of $1-$50. Your problem is different from mine. I’m trying to
find sellers of what are called factory packs and Austria Connection
doesn’t do that - we have to buy their prepacakged to make up the
same amount - nor do they give a price break to retailers beyond
their listed prices.

Hope this helped!

Deb Weller
Weller’s Jewelry & Beads

Have you tried Rainbows of Light in Sedona, Arizona?


P.S. Their Web site is one of the hardest sites to find things on,
but feedback about gets met with “Nobody else has complained!” So
you might try giving them a call (phone number on the site) if you
get frustrated.

You might want to try General Bead:

I have only purchased Swarovski at their store in San Francisco
(always worth visiting, if only to view the elaborate costumes worn
by its denizens), and I find their web site somewhat baffling, but
they do allow you to purchase flatbacks, fancy stones, etc., by the

Lisa Orlando
Aphrodite’s Ornaments

I'm trying to find sellers of what are called factory packs

Deb try (in Portland, Maine). They only sell
Swarovski in factory packs. You will need to set up an account with
them to access the wholesale shopping cart. They are wonderful folks!
I do a ton of business with them.

Terri Ann Fox
Foxden Designs