[Source] Swarovski Crystal beads

Hi Folks,

I am looking for a Swarovski bead supplier. I have been dealing with
Swarovski directly for the past months, but the target amount I have
to spend to stay with them is too much!!! “to put it mildly”.

I would love to find a good supplier within my means, I want to buy
thousands at a time, but do not want to have to pay way above the
odds. I have dealt with a company in the states, “I’m in Ireland by
the way”…anyway I dealt with a company in America for a
long time, until they got a bit greedy, and started selling packs of
ten beads at a time !! the cost was a bit ridiculous.

“Please” “Please” is there someone in the Orchid community who may be
able to give me some direction?? I would love to deal with a company
in Europe, but I will do business once again with an American based
company if need be.

I work mainly with Swarovski crystals in my work, there fore it is
crucial that I find another supplier fast !! Thank you so much, all
replies will be answered.

In Dublin, Ireland

Hi Tina -

You don’t mention the name of the US company you have already dealt
with, so I hope I am not offering the same name!

Have you tried www.rainbowsoflight.com? Aside from the fact that
they seem to have constructed their Web site so that it’s a mystery
to everybody but them until you study it for quite a while, they seem
to have a good selection and good prices and do offer quantity
discounts. If your quantities are high enough they might work out a
deal with you. (Not a promise, of course, just a suggestion.) And
they will do special orders if they don’t normally carry what you’re
looking for.


Hi hmm I had to get some for my friend to sew on costumes in bulk I
bought from Rings n Things but if they are your greedy US supplier I
included another link I found to try out…

have not bought from these but they are in my search for cheapest S


An American Cameo Artist

Hi Tina,

Im here in the states. Our company uses EH Ashley in East
Providence, RI. They have a website, which I have never actually
visited www.ehashley.com. I usually speak to Bill Clark when I call.

I sure wish I knew of a company in Europe. That would be a much
better deal for you. Good Luck!!!


You can find Swarovski beads at Rio Grande and Rings’n Things. Sorry
I don’t know how the prices compare to buying directly.


Elaine Luther
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor
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Don’t know if this is the company you already tried…I hope not as
I always find them absolutely superb Rings n Things have loads of
Swarovski stuff…I don’t use a lot of beads myself but they have
lots of stuff I do need, and they are superfast and efficient to me
here in Ibiza, Spain…much faster that buying from UK which is
always a pleasant surprise…try them…at

good luck
Steve Holden

When we had our company for 27 years, we also used EH Ashley for a
long time, they are a great firm to do business with.


Wow Eva! That company has Swarovski coatings that I have never seen
before. Thanks so much for the info! Their Web site is here:

I haven’t found any prices, though.


Thanks to the Orchid family for all the Swarovski leads, A Special
thanks to:

Rachel, Amy, Pam, Debra, Marilyn, Elaine, Teri, Linda, Troy,
Christen, Steve and Eva.

You are all so kind to have taken the time out of your day to help
me out. I very sincerely appreciate it !!

Wishing you all so much luck, joy and success in your work and every
day lives.

All the best
Your Friend in Ireland

Here are some web sites I have bookmarked for swarovski beads, but
I’ve never bought anything from them so i can’t recommend a
particular site.


Good Luck! -Donna

A great source in the midwest is: Rhinestones Unlimited. Great prices
and service.

Margie Mersky Custom Designs, INC

Wow Eva! That company has Swarovski coatings that I have never
seen before. Thanks so much for the info! Their Web site is heRe:

This looks like a great place. Some of those coatings are
surprising, such as that silver coating inside the hole.

Another “5-Star Swarovski Dealer” that I’ve ordered factory packs
from is http://www.merchantsoverseas.com

You’ll need to call or email them to get a password to see their
stock lists, set up a business account and get prices because they
change depending on currency fluctuations. Prices are great, though,
if you need lots of crystals. I think minimum purchase is $100.

For smaller orders, and decent prices, an internet place I found
that I don’t think anyone has mentioned yet is www.beadcorp.com I
haven’t ordered from them yet, but expect to try them out sometime.