[Source] Sunstone

Dear Orchidians,

I am searching for a replacement piece of faceted Russian sunstone
or as it is also known as labradorite, but the pale yellow specimen.
It is a feldspar and the gem I am looking to replace is a 12x16mm
oval faceted gem. Does anyone know of a gem wholesaler with material
like this? If so, please contact me offline. Thanks so much, Sara

Sara Grinnell
Studio C Designs
Minneapolis, MN USA


While I don’t know about the Russian material, it sounds like what
you’re looking for might be the same mineral as what’s found in
Oregon sunstone. Not sure about the color, but the Oregon sunstone
is a feldspar and can come in a color similar to what you’ve

If you think this might work for what you need, Dust Devil Mine
(www.dustdevilmining.com) is probably the best place to go. I don’t
have any relation to them - I just wish I did. :wink:

Hope that might help!