[Source] Sunstone cabochons

Does anyone know of a source for Sunstone cabs? I’ve done google
searches on “designer cabochons”, “Sunstone”, “red Labradorite
cabochons,” and many more and have found some, mostly on Etsy or
Ebay, but I’m assuming there must be a lot of folks from the area
(Oregon) where the stones are mined or neighboring states, that
specialize in them. I’m specifically looking for cabs, not faceted
stones or raw specimens. I’m especially interested in the variant
referred to as “Golden” rather than “Red.” of the Sunstone variety.


Hi Mary - Did you ever find sunstone cabs? I’m interested in finding some affordable rough to cut. I saw some faceted stones and thought I’d like to do that next year when I’m retired, but I never thought about cabbing the material. That’s something I can do now. If you have a source for the rough, please let me know and if you still need cabs, we can talk. Mary B.

Contact a local gem and mineral club. There are many. Good luck…Rob

I just did a search on sunstone cabs and found several hits including Otto Frei. Following is link to US rock and mineral clubs.


Good luck…Rob

You may want to check out @dikragem1 or @Stachura, both longtime Orchid/Ganoksin advertisers.


I agree Stachura has wonderful stones but I think you meant to send this to someone else.
I did not inquire about sunstone. My post was about wanting fewer inbox messages.

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Mary A

Hi @Atwater_Mary - I replied to the thread, which is why you got the email reply. Please adjust your Orchid settings to daily, instead of every message.

Perhaps a Tools & Resources Reference area?
You could probably generate revenue from the companies and we could “yelp” (review) them if we have had experiences worth the business?

I have about 10 pounds of tumbled Golden sunstone available, most is facet grade but could be cabbed.

@hhelton , Are you selling it as one package or by the pound? Which ever….what are you asking for it?

I am asking $35 per 1/4 pound on a blind pour or $100 per pound.
This is not the clear that is called champagne these are golden.

Wud love to have a 1/4 lb. I already have some but interested in a bit more. Can we go PM for details of sale? My email is dcdietz@comcast.net .

Have you got any pics of them?


I will post pictures of them on my Etsy shop so you can see what the material looks like and what you are getting.
These Stones came from the estate of Master Faceter and facet designer
Sid Word (many of you Faceter’s have cut Mr. Words designs) he was also one of the founding members of the Columbia Willamette Faceters Guild in Portland Oregon (Hi everybody in the Guild, miss you all and the meetings).
These Sunstones were collected in the 1980’s.
I will try and have these up on the site tomorrow afternoon and they will be listed under the section tumbled stones.

If you don’t use Etsy you can email me at ArtisticRockandGems@gmail.com

OK I have the parcels listed, because of how Etsy works their shipping I had to adjust the price of the 1 lb. lots to $105 to cover the additional shipping charges. If there are any problems with the listing please contact me.