[Source] Stone beads without holes

Greetings to all in the orchid universe: I am working on a new
earring design which will need an 8mm round bead without a hole
or a ball. Does anyone have a source for these. Tha;nk you much.
Vince, Eugene, OR, USA.

Vince, have you tried Fire Mountain. They usually carry balls,
beads half drilled and complete. Most large bead outlets (Bead
Warehouse) carry them. jb

J. Byers
http://www.csranet.com/~phoenixe (under construction-please check after

Vince Hi, I use a company called: Stachure Inc/Ph: (508) 278-6525
Fax:(508) 278-9458 They are in Mass. No mim. fast service great
quality and prices. They have up to m10mm in some stones. I’m not
fond of Fire Mts. quality. But you can try them too Good Luck Mary