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[Source] Sterling silver disks

Good afternoon to all:

I’m newish to the jewelry making business. I am trying to find
wholesale suppliers for sterling silver disks, 24 ga sizes
3/8,1/2,5/8,3/4,7/8,1 in. I order anywhere from 2 to 20+ Troy oz per

I searched archives and wasn’t able to find what I was looking for.
If anyone has a list or can tell me who is a supplier I would
appreciate it.

Thank you.

The online catalog for Metalliferous has many of the sizes you
mentioned. I suggest contacting them for the sizes you need which are
not in their catalog.

Mary Partlan
White Branch Designs

Hello Ben

Metalliferous stock a number of different sizes of disks, but if
they don’t have what you want, please don’t go to a company based in
India called Beadman, Inc - they promised to produce 500g of disks
for me, took the funds and never supplied the goods despite a six
month correspondence about it. The Indian Embassy could not do
anything to retrieve the funds, and neither could anyone else,
despite the firm accepting responsibility. Just a warning!

Anna M Williams

I just got some silver disks from Rio Grande…

This is a link where there are some disks

pasternak findings

Best regards on a beautiful sunny day and I can hear a robin (at


Try Metalliferous in NYC

Please, just but yourself a disc cutter and be done with it. Your
paying someone else to do the same thing.

i know you can get any size and gauge of discs from hagstoz in

just ask them to make them if they are not in their current