[Source] Sterling silver clothes pin

This is a strange question, but my mother in law in Norway asked me
to look into this. She wants to find sterling silver ‘clothes pins’
that actually work…aprox 2 cm in length. Does anyone know if such
items exist and who might carry them? the only ones I’ve found so
far are finished pieces which I’m not sure they work, and are very
very expensive for what she has in mind.


I have some plastic ones that size. You could take one apart and
cast it, then use the steel springs from the plastic ones! If you
want them, I’ll send them to you. How many did she want?


Jeanne- It couldn’t be too hard to make one. Just get a standard
wooden or plastic clothes pin. Take the spring out and replica cast
the parts. You could rtv mold one half and cast the waxes from the
rtv, or you could just carve a wax of one half,cast it and rubber
mold it and cast multiples. Have fun and make lots of jewlery.

Jo Haemer

Hi Jeanne & all,

You can try Rembrandt Charm Co. at: rembrandtcharms.com. Everything
that they make can come in sterling silver and it’s quality…

Take care from cooler SF,
Jo-Ann Maggiora Donivan

Thanks, but I think I’ve found something…it’s a more old fashioned
but sleeker clip…but I’m waiting to hear back from her if that is
what she wants. I’d rather not cast it myself, because if I know my
mother in law, she will expect me to do all the casting work for
free and charge her, at most, for silver cost! I’ve also got lots of
other things to keep me busy right now and I just don’t have the time
for casting something complex.