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[Source] Sterling Photo Frame Pendant

I am looking for a company that sells sterling pendant frames that I
can insert photos or drawings to and epoxy over them. I have in mind
a closed back frame with either a bezel side that I could bend over
before adding epoxy or a solid sided (deep) frame. I am not
interested in the Italian style charm bracelet type frames that were
popular a few years ago.

If anyone knows of a source please advise either online or off

Thank you


I’m pretty sure that Rio Grande had them in their catalog a year or
so ago… they may still, but I haven’t looked.

Karen Goeller

Just got a holiday mailing in from Foreign Source Ltd., toll free
877-437-5375 that shows a ss picture frame charm. Don’t know if that
will work for you or not.

Good luck.
Beth in SC

Hello Peter,

We carry about 7 different styles of sterling pendant frames. You can
find these on page 524 of the latest Rio Grande Gems & Findings
catalog. Please let me know if you need further assistance.


Thackeray Taylor
Rio Grande Technical Support
505-839-3000 ex 13903