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[Source] sterling pattern wires


Hi, I’m looking for sources for sterling pattern wires like the ones
that Rio Grande have…(well different patterns actually!)…I
already deal with them and Cooksons and Blundells in England,but I’m
always on the lookout for different patterns from suppliers in U.S.
or Europe… internet sites preferably with online ordering is
easiest for me, but all who do mail order would be ok as I live in
the Mediterreanean on the island of Ibiza, so travel is
complicated…can anyone help?

Steve Holden
new website


Try 550 Silver Supply - the website is
They answer their email too, so you can ask questions before you
order on line. They also have “gallery” wire. Check that out!



Two sources of patterned sterling wire are Indian Jewelers Supply
Co. in New Mexico and Thunderbird Supply Company
also in New Mexico . I looked through
their catalogues and they each have a couple of patterns that Rio
doesn’t carry. Linda


Try here



You should try David H Fell in Los Angeles. They are very very
reasonable on their wire prices, much better than Rio. Good luck Rich