[Source] Sterling chains

You are a wonderful support group. I searched so long for end tabs
and you all led me to them in less than 24 hours! I am now looking
for wholesale sterling neck chains and was wondering if you all
could recommend a source with low prices, I can’t seem to find a
reasonable supplier and our first show here in Michigan isn’t until
March/April. I really appreciate any help you can give. THANKS!!!

Debby, Silver City at 444 South Hill St, L.A., CA 90013 (213)
689-1488 or (800) 869-0745, has just moved into a new building of
their own, and they have a HUGE selection of sterling chains,
charms, rings, etc. They have a big catalog (costs $10), which
DOESN’T have their name on it. I consider that a BIG advantage,
since they’re neighbors of mine, and I use the catalog as a selling
tool. Talk to Haim or Simon…nice folks. (haim@silvercityla.com)
David Barzilay, Lord of the Rings

Hi Debby,

The following sources have wholesale sterling silver chain:

National Chain (401) 732 6200 located in Warwick, Rhode Island
CGM 1 800 425 5246 located in Tarzana, CA.
MS Chain (508) 222 1700 located in Attleboro, MA
Myron Toback 47th Street, New York City
Ross Metals 47th Street, New York City

Hope that helps,

Diane Sadel

I have found Kim International Manufacturing, to be a good source
for silver chains and less expensive than than my other suppliers.
They aRe: 14840 Landmark Blvd Dallas, TX 75254-7033 (800) 275-5555
http://www.kimint.com fax (800) 608-3322

Their catalog prices are triple keystone.

Hope this helps.