[Source] [Sril Lanka] Sapphire

Hello, I am planning to go to Sri Lanka for a friend’s wedding in
September. Whilst I am there I am also looking forward to having a
look at some Ceylon sapphires and probably some moonstones and who
knows what else. Has anybody been there recently enough to recommend
a good gemstone dealer? Thank you,
Harriet Kelsall , Hitchin, UK

Hi Hitchin, I am a Sri Lankan gem Exporter who has been in orchid for
some time , I have attended the orchid Dinner in Tucson and know quite
a Few Orchidians. It would be my pleasure to have you as my guest in
Sri Lanka. please E-mail me your Travel plans to keep myself free.

Thanks , hope to see you soon.
Ahmed Shareek

Harriet Kelsall wrote:

Harriet, There is a wonderful gent there named Ahmed Shareek. He came
to Tucson for the first time this year.

I met him online some years ago and we became friends as we share the
same birthday.

His correct address is in the computer that is out for repair, but he
is a mentor on Faceters Digest, let me check there, contact him via
e-mail shareek@jewelrycombine.com

I saw some of what he brought along, and it was wonderful. I know
Mark Liccini can also speak for him. Teresa