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[Source] Special custom packaging

Greetings Orchidians,

Has anyone ever had special packaging made for their work? I’ve
been working with a local rep to get custom made boxes but I keep
being unhappy with the samples they are giving me. I’m trying to
find someone who will make entire boxes to my specs, not just let me
pick which color of velvet or fake leather I want to use.

Anyone got any leads?

Thanks all,
Janet Alix

Hi Janet,

Have you tried working with the Packaging Store in San Francisco?
They are located at 1255 Howard street between 8th and 9th the phone
number is 558-8100-- I worked with Jim. They don’t specialize in
just jewelry packaging they do all packaging, but I had some custom
inserts made for my menorahs that I was happy with.

Good luck!
My Best,

In a quick google search, I came up with
which looked promising, especially the custom specialty boxes. I
found a few other sites but they all seemed to offer only
customization of their existing basic patterns rather than full
control. Good luck! No connection

Bekka Ross Russell
R Cubed Jewelry


Usually in order to get a box made up specifically to your design you
are going to need to order a lot of them. And I mean a LOT of them.
Most box makers need to make up dies to produce their product and
making the dies is expensive. So if you’re looking to buy 500 or 1000
boxes I doubt anyone is going to do that for you. I doubt they’d do
it for 5000 boxes either but you might be able to find someone. But
even at 5000 expect to pay a lot for them and to have a lot of extra
charges attached. My ring boxes, which are nice, but not as nice as
I’d like them, and are not a custom design (other than my name on
them) cost me $5 per box and I have to order minimums of about 1000
at a time to get even that price. But if you’re only looking for a
few, you might be able to find a local craftsman who might create a
nice wood one or something for you.

Daniel R. Spirer, G.G.
Daniel R. Spirer Jewelers, LLC
1780 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02140