[Source] Source for perforated metal

Was wondering if anyone knows of a good source in CA (SF area)
for perforated metal (meaning steel or aluminum that has a lot of
evenly spaced tiny holes in it - like what you see on car stereo
speakers). I look in the yellow pages, but am not sure if it’s
really called “perforated metal” or where to start to look.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Lori Bugaj
One-Eyed Collie Jewelry Design
(recently relocated from Seattle back to SF - and mooching off my
parents until we can get some home seller to actually accept our offer
on a house. Yes, it’s really as bad as they say it is…)

i can’s answer your question lori but have one to add. i got
ahold of a piece of titanium with evenly spaced holes in it –
about 1/2 inch apart. wonder if anyone knows were such titanium might be found. mj

Lori, Try the Thomas Register of American Manufacturers: Online
directory of 156,000 U.S. and Canadian companies providing
industrial products and services. Must complete a free
registration to search. An industry standard.

Pretty much no matter what it is that you’re looking for in
terms of manufactured goods, that’s one of the best places to

Warm Regards,

Why, I just got a shipment of that very thing; I ordered it from
Small Parts http://www.smallparts.com/ They have a variety of
perforated aluminum and stainless steel as well as screening.
Their shipping is reasonable and quick. I don’t know of any
local places, really, accept someone told me you can get
perforated aluminum at Utrects’s Art store on University in
Berkeley. I would give them a call.

Good luck
Amy O’Connell
Amy O’Connell Jewelry

Lori … Sounds like a part used in joint replacement (human
hip/knee). They make components of titanium because of
durability and lightweight. Try a surgical distributor who
specializes in orthopaedic “parts”.

Try McMaster-Carr at http://www.mcmaster.com they have
perforated metal in their catalog as does Small Parts Inc. at


James Binnion Metal Arts
4701 San Leandro St #18
Oakland, CA 94601

Lori, you can find what you’re looking for at Howard Wire Cloth,
in Hayward. Phone numbers are (510) 887-8787, and (800) 969-3559.
They have a catalogue, with a wide assortment of wire mesh,
screen, expanded and perforated products, in a variety of metals.
Good luck. Rene Roberts

Lori: A great resource for you and anyone else looking for arcane
items is available free. It’s called “The Thomas Register” and is
in the reference section of any public library in the U.S. I
suggest you take a pad and pen with you and look under "Metal(s)

  • Perforated". You’ll find many more listings than you could
    possibly follow up on. Hope this helps.

Ray Grossman
Ray Grossman Inc.

Hey Lori How’s S.F.? We miss you in Seattle! I would try a junk
yard. I had some of that stuff a long time ago, and I think the
person who gave it to me got it there. If not they might know
where to go. Caitlin

East West DyeCom Inc carries perforated aluminum.
http://www.eastwestdye.com Phone # 703-362-1489 Fax #