[Source] Solje "spoon" findings

I am looking for a source of the small (less than 1/2 in.)
dish-shaped dangles used in the Norwegian style of jewelry called
"Solje". The Silver Threads book simply says they are not available
outside of Norway. Any suggestions?

you can order them from Norway directly: K.A. Rasmussen AS.
http://www.ka-rasmussen.no/no/ they do have an english page. The
only ones I have (I’m the author of Silver Threads), are the tear
drop shaped ones. Otherwise, you could always buy Rio’s silver disks,
dome them and gold plate them yourselves.


You can also try

When talking about casting filigree, have a look at their jewellry,
Look at Telemark… They cast 6 tons of sterling silver filigree a