[Source] Soapstone

Does anyone have a source for small amounts of soapstone, in
miscellaneous colors? I bought some soapstone beads from Fire
Mountain, but just wondered if there were additional sources. I like
the ease with which soapstone can be drilled and abraded. Does it
wear well when made into pendants, bracelet beads, necklace parts,

My Fire Mountain soapstone beads came with the spinning marks and
some sort of lacquer on them, which I got rid of by tumbling them for
an hour in an abrasive medium. Now they have the matte look which I

Thanks in advance,
Judy Bjorkman

in New York:

try http://www.sculpt.com/catalog_98/stones/Stone_Index.htm

It is very soft and about wearing well???

For bead making info see:


Here are a couple of web sites that can help
http://www.rockngem.com/ http://www.lapidaryjournal.com

They should give you a starting point for locating what you are
locking for. http://www.dickblick.com

Used to have some solid brick shaped pieces for sale as starting
point for small sculpture.

You are right that the hardness is such that you can work it with
regular chisels and cut it with a hacksaw. or with the hardest type
one of those carbide hacksaw blades.

the wear would only be a factor if it would be rubbing up against
something all the time.

glen, been there and broke it!

What part of the country are you in? There are so many locations
where soapstone is found, PacificNwest, Vermont, Northern Califonia,
etc. Anyone who manufactures sinks and coutertops may have beautiful
scraps for beadmaking. I have purchsed black, green, white from
different sources. The closest one to me in N. San Diego County is
Sculptors Supply on Washinton St. in Escondido. They ship all over
and have an online catalog(the online address lists Gurneyville, CA
as the yard but they have astudio and store in Escondido.) Google
’soapstone sources’nd you will find sources all over the world.

Len and Judy,

I saw a big chunk of soapstone just the other day at Seattle Pottery
Supply. I’m going to be down there again in a few days, sorry I
didn’t notice what they were asking for it but I’ll check if you

Dr. Mac

Hi Judy,

Soapstone does not wear well and can mar easily. That’s why the
first ones you received were laquered. It is very soft material,
which is why it was so easy to drill and had such a short tumbling
time. I would be very cautious is using it in bracelets as it won’t
take the normal wear and tear from wearing it on the arm.

Sali Mel
Casmira Gems, Inc.