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[Source] Small silver bead caps

I am almost despearately looking for small silver coloured bead caps
in a size that would fit 6mm beads and stay generally silver coloured
with wear. 3.5-4 mm bead caps would be best. I know Tierra Cast make
scallopped and layered bead caps in the right size and material, i.e.
a silver colour thatwill not easily fade in the form of antique
silver plated lead free pewter. However, they are a little costly (I
plan to use them on every bead of rosaries I’m making, i.e. 59 beads
per piece), and they are also a little elaborate for my purpose. I’m
really looking for a simpler ‘flat’ bead cap, though importantly
slightly curved to fit the surface of the bead rather than creating a
flatish disc at either end. I bought some sterling silver bead caps
at an OK price, but was disappointed at their shape for my purpose
and discovered the 0.4 inch hole was just a little too large for the
wire I use.

If anyone could help me, I’d be grateful.


How about, have you tried them yet?..


I think you would be very happy with Metalliferous’ 4mm #SBC100 bead
cap. It’s got no design to it and they cost me $7.60 for 100 pieces
about 2 months ago. Hope it works.