[Source] Small Sheet Metal Shear & Mill Roll

We’re looking for an inexpensive small metal shear for our home
studio. I had one person tell me the used a heavy duty paper
cutter for silver sheet…has anyone else used these? Do you
know of any other source where we can find an inexpensive shear?

We are also going to buy a small Mill Roll for our studio. Just
yesturday, I ordered a catalog from Conteni (the company that
advertises the $255.00 Mill Roll in Lapidary Journal). Has any
one used their Rolls? Are they ok?

Thanks in advance, Stacey…

Dear Stacey and Monique, Harbor Freight, had a 12" combination
sheer, stlip roll and bending brake priced depending on sales
from $133 to $199. It is a chinese import. Vince, Eugene, OR

Yes, I use a paper cutter regularly to cut my own bezels. Only
problem I had was shiftingof the metal, , but some kind
orchidian recommended putting pads underneath the metal to hold
it firmly in place. Check the archives for specific details.
There were several threads on this. Good luck-Alma.

For a shear see:

5115 This is an 8" shear that will handle 6" stock thery
aeren’t quite as big as they say so it’s best to get this one
for 6" wide thin stock. It will do a lot more than you need . I
have the same one and am well satisfied. They have had smaller
ones in the past. I also have a contenti mill but can’t really
comment on it as it hasn’t been here long. Jesse

Stacey, There are some shears with the name Joyce Chen,
stainless and made in Japan that are about $20 and available at
kithen supply stores, etc. Very good and accurate for lightweight
metal. Caution::: don’t cut wire,only sheet! Hope you find these,
mabe someone else knows another source. Thomas Blair

I cut silver sheet with a sheet metal cutter that I attach to my
compressor. The only thing with it is, it is not cheap. About
$230.00 My experience in this business, nothing is cheap, except
that dammed Mattel microscope that I bought with someone’s
suggestion here. Well look at the brite side, I now own a
microscope and can look at dust mites on my jewelry. Great! Go
Titans! Castgold@home.com

Stacey, The Conteni rolling mills are cheap. So is the overall
quality. The rolls on 3 mills I measured to date are poorly
turned. All have been out round by .005" to as much as .021".
This results in a very wavy sheet of metal. The sheets test
rolled on 1 mill were not usable for any large areas(over 1
sq.".) Roller printing result were likewise not uniform in
textures. The wire rollers were of slightly better quality.
The square stock was more consistent. It still would require
drawing for a better look. Roller finish is fine. Personally,
I recommend NOT buying one of these mills. Unless you require a
new “way cool” metalsmiths door stop. Save your money and buy a
Cavalino, Durston or equivalent. Buy the widest you can afford.
Its a once only purchase, if its quality. Marcus Amshoff

My mentor of many years ago commonly used a paper cutter to cut
silver sheet. It works very nicely for thin gauges, but
literally can’t cut the mustard on sheet thicker than 24 gauge
or so. Of course if the sheet has been annealed, it cuts more
easily & will really slice through copper.

I recently found a used paper cutter at a tag sale. Even though
it was rusty, a little WD-40 and Scotch brite cleaned it up. If
you can find a used paper cutter - try surplus sales at schools
and government offices - get it. The older cutters are built of
more durable material. I would pass it up if the blade is badly
rusted or scarred, unless it’s really cheap and you don’t mind
fiddling with having it reground.

Such great ideas come from this group! Kap kuhn ma ka, Hanuman.
Good luck, Judymw
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