[Source] Small Run Casting

Looking for someone who does small run ring casting…50-100
pieces. I have some buff tops to mount and need 10K gold
settings to fit them. Any suggestions are appreciated

James Murray
Charlottesville, VA

James This is one company that would be glad to work with you. I
know that Maine is a long way from VA but they do good work. Ed

Sorry I left out the url from the previous posting to Jim Murray
about a small lot casting company. Sampson and Son’s

James, I use a company in Buffalo,N.Y. Jamarca mfg. the owner is
Mike and they do a nice job and you can rely on what they say
about time and cost. They can do one piece or 10,000 . Prices
are good I’ve beenso pleased with them that I gave all my
casting equiptment away…They will cast in sterling, 10K, 14K,
18K, I think even platinum. You can furnish the mold or they can
make a mold from your model. I let them do all the finishing and
stone settings for me Phone 716-854-1106 or fax 716-855-0822 good
luck with your project. Vernon