[Source] Small Round Imperial or Golden Topaz

I have a client who really wants golden topaz for a set of 2
birthstone rings she’s looking to get made, and I’m having a very
hard time finding anything suitable. Rio does have 4mm ones… but I
also need 2 2mm ones, and they no longer carry that size. I’ve asked
about getting some cut, but I really don’t need a few dozen- just 2
matched ones! As long as the price isnt’ horrible, I’m happy to get a
few extra and do the matching myself, as I was expecting to with the
ones from Rio.

Anyone know of a trustworthy source for small topaz like this? I
would be infinitely grateful! While I don’t hink price is NO object,
it’s my guess that it’s not the main consideration.

Many thanks!
Amanda Fisher

Check Pioneer gems. They usually have nice stones in a variety of
sizes for good prices. You can’t order online but they will send you
a catalog asap and I have always had good luck with them.

Lauren Stineman