[Source] Sleeping Beauty Turquiose

dear all,

very recently someone posted a url for sleeping beauty turquiose
cabs and beads. something like “gleam,” but that apparently is
incorrect. a search of the archives has not yielded the answer.
perhaps someone remembers this info and can repost it. much thanks,


Hi April,

I don’t recall the exact site you are looking for but while
researching sunstone, I was looking in last year’s catalogue of
supplier’s from Tucson and came across this: Rincon Mineral Co. out
of Tucson. They specialize in Sleeping Beauty Turq. and their
website is- www.rinconmineral.com They look like they might work for
you…I always keep supplier’s list from trade shows for future

Hope this helps!!

From sunny SF
Jo-Ann Maggiora Donivan


The site you seek is gleamgems.com. It looked like a great resource
so I bookmarked it.

Susan Ronan
Coronado, CA