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[Source] Silver micro bolts & screws

I am looking for a source for tiny silver micro bolts and screws for
cold connections. Does anyone know of a source for these?



it’s the best way to make your own and make sure that the silver
that you are using it contain little bit of nickel


Hi Sally,

I don’t know of silver nuts and bolts, but there is stainless steel.
I would recommend J.I. Morris Company out of MA.


Hi Sally…Reactive Metals carries silver and gold plated micro nuts
and bolts.

Beth Taylor

Actually Sally, if you don’t plan to use a lot of them, I would say
make your own for the job at hand. You can pick up taps and dies for
just a few dollars and simply thread the proper size wire for the
screws and tap the proper gauge sheet for the bolt. Just a
suggestion. Check the Rio catalog or for the materials.

Cheers, Don in SOFL