[Source] Silicon bronze sheet?

I am looking for a source for silicon bronze sheet in guages 18 - 24.

I don’t want “commercial bronze”, which is roughly 90-10
copper-zinc. I specifically want Si bronze because of the color.
The only Si bronze sheet I’ve found comes 1/8" thick and in 10
foot lengths (I presume for sculpture, not jewelry). I have
bought silicon bronze in casting “grain” (they’re actually little
ingot chunks), melted it and made little flat ingots to roll out
my own pieces of sheet, but silicon bronze doesn’t roll very well
and the process was so labor intensive that it made the project
unfeasible. Also, I would like to do some things with larger
pieces than what is possible to roll from an ingot.

I have tried Metalliferous and Leahy Metals (without luck),
since these are the largest suppliers I know of for cuprous
metals. I’d appreciate any suggestions.

Calif. No. coast

Hey Rene, Have you looked in the Thomas Register? You can find
it at the local library. There is also an online site but I do
not have the url. Good luck. Vince LaRochelle, Eugene. OR.