[Source] Silicon bronze casting grain

I used to get it from Progress Tools, but they’re gone now. Contenti
has it listed but it is out of stock.

I need some now. I prefer the silicon bronze to the ‘ancient
bronze’–it casts cleaner and pours better. I can only seem to find
silicon bronze in big chunks meant for sculpture casting. I can’t cut
those down to fit in my electromelt.

Who else sells silicon bronze casting grain within the US?

Kathy Johnson

Who else sells silicon bronze casting grain within the US? 

Interesting, did you mix the ancient bronze alloy yourself, or did
you buy it from a supplier? I mix the alloy myself and have never had
a problem with it.

Talk to these guys, and ask if they can supply silicon bronze in
grain or smaller than ingot size.

Budget Casting Supply

Regards Charles A

Atlas metals in Denver

This will be your best source!

Belmont metals on the East coast

they also own ney metals


You can get Si-bronze rods from a welding supply house. They are
used as brazing rods for repairing holes and faults in those bronze
sculptures you mentioned. They can be had in sections 1/4 inch thick
and about two feet long. Due to the expense of fabrication of the
rods, they cost more than large ingots but they are available and
handy. The various sizes of rod are also tempting materials for
hammer forming bracelets and other jewelry. I would think the bazing
rods could be found in any large town.

Gerald Vaughan