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[Source] Silastic RTV


Who sells Silastic RTV ?
Thank you

Who sells Silastic RTV ? 
Brownell Electro Inc
307 27th St
Orlando FL 32806
Dow Corning Product

Leesburg, Florida


Dear All, Stebgo Metals sells L,E, & J Silastic RTV. They also have
the best price. You will find it for about $27.00 per single pound and
$190.00 per 10 lb. Their # is 651-451-8888.

Best Regards,
TR the Teacher
Todd Hawkinson


re:dow corning silastic rtv-I buy it at E B Peerless engineering
supplies at 8828 Laurel st,Vancouver,B.C.,Canada Ph:604-327-1181.They
are the most reasonable i have found.Perhaps you could buy directly
from dow corning-


Check with your local Dow Corning Distributor or call Dow Cornings
800 number. I use Lub-O-Seal 1-800-826-6752 bu they are located in
Cypress Tx. and the shipping could get expensive. Dow will fx you a
list of dealers or check your local phone book for rubber suppliers
that handle Dow products. Frank Goss