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[Source] Seaglass

…I would like to find a source for manufactured beach or 'sea’
glass…if you can help drop a line… Catherine

Hi Catherine;

I don’t know about a manufacturer, but it’s cerainly easy to make
the stuff. Just get some old bottles and jars, put on your safety
glasses (preferably a face shield) and smash them up. Pick up an
inexpensive tumbler and carborundum abraisives, or just use good old
sand, and tumble them to your satisfaction. Call any of the hundreds
of lapidary suppliers for more specific about supplies
and techniques. I’m not sure you’re going to find anyone making the
stuff, but I could be wrong.

David L. Huffman

Hi Catherine! To manufacture “sea” glass smach bottles into largish
(size required) bits, place in tumbler with silcon carbidr grit at
tumble. For large quantities a cement mixer works great! Lotsaluck, Jo

 find a source for manufactured beach or 'sea' glass... 

Hi Catherine,

Check out a shop that sells tropical fish and aquariums. They have a
form of tumbled glass that goes in the bottom of tanks and might be
suitable for your needs.

All the best,


Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio and
Carolina Artisans’ Gallery
Charlotte, NC (USA)

I have been making “Sea Glass” for years. Wondering what to do with
all the cut-off from my stained glass hobby, I put them in a tumbler
with 2 or 3 cups of sand and a handful of small gravel. If I’m in a
hurry, I will throw in a cup of 100 or 200 carbide grit. Fill it
half full of water and let it rip.

I let it run for 3 to 5 days, when its done, I have beach glass.
The edges are no longer sharp and the glass is frosted, which really
brings out the color.

You can get mop buckets of stained glass pieces from any stained
glass shop for free. Most shops will throw away several buckets a
week. I use them to make wind chimes. Drill a small hole in one
end, hang it with clear fishing line, include a couple of beads,
and you got Art!!!

Everyone wants to know if they break hitting together
…sometimes…but it takes a really strong storm to break them.

I also collect wine bottles of all different colors, cut then in
circles with my diamond saw and tumble them , makes nice unusual

NOTE: How to drill holes. Get some kids modeling clay, make a small
’dam’ around where you want the hole to be, put in 3 or 17 drops of
water, put a diamond bit in your Foredom, or in a drill stand, drill
slowly making sure you don’t run out of water…When the water
runs out the other side, you have a hole.

Love and God Bless -randy Home 214-321-6253 Cell 214-280-7775 Work