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[Source] Screw-on earring parts

To whomever may be able to help me with this:

I have a business, where I make and sell bridal jewelry, as well as
doing calligraphy on wedding invitations. Approximately a year or so
ago, I bid on and won screw-on earring findings (as I receive several
requests – mainly from older women) in three different types of
metal from three separate eBay vendors. The first two lots I received
within the next 3 days after, in stainless steel and vermeil,
respectively. The third lot was the largest, in Sterling silver and
contained 100 pieces, but I was dismayed to find that only the screws
and hinges to the findings, were all I received (contrary to the
picture shown on the web page, at the time). I immediately e-mailed
the vendor to ask him why the findings were not complete, only for
him to e-mail back, informing me that he had one lot of the "U"
shaped parts (or the parts that the cabachons are glued onto) that he
placed up for bid. So I bid on them, but eventually (within the next
5 days) someone else had bid over me and won the only lot he was
selling, so now I am stuck with 100 pieces (enough for 50 pairs of
earrings), without the “U” part and would like to know if there is
anywhere I can purchase some online. It seems that I have looked high
and low for these pieces, but it may be such an obscure request, that
either no one is able to refer me to where I need to purchase them –
or that they just don not exist ( I would rather believe it is the
former!). I would appreciate any assistance in this matter.

Thank you…
Lisa Winne-Clark