[Source] Ruby cabachons

I’m looking for a source for ruby cabachons. I am looking for low
dome cabs up to 18mm x 12 or so that are NOT

AAA or AA grade.

i’ve been browsing the net but anything near that size seems to be
only high grade and priced accordingly.


You might try talking to your local rock club. Even if they don’t
have any.

Someone will know who does. Good luck. Sheri

how many do you want?, what shape?, do you supply the rough? they
can be custom cut.


i got this. can i send a photo. write me. regards. carlos.

17.53 cts
oval cabochon
transparent red
quality : excellent
15.7mm x 11, 4 mmx 8, 5mm
price $ 950.00 usd

Great source for ruby and sapphire cabs that are not a very good
grade… I love them and use them often in more natural looking
designs. Here is the link. I have order several times and always got
exactly what waspictured and described:

Hope this helps! joy kruse

Try Stachura.

Thomas III