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[Source] Rubber cord

My question is: where to order high quality rubber cord for hand made
platinum pendants? Thank you! Lewis
gemtec @

Hi Lewis

We produce a cord with 14KT. or ss. findings which you can see on
our web site

You can also get silicone black rubber in bulk with 500Ft. minimum,
4 weeks delivery. 0.093" ±0.016 diameter @ 0.66 cents per foot.
discount are also available. Please let me know if you need more


Does anyone have a good source for rubber cord? Looking for 2mm,
3mm, and 4mm round, in black.

Frank Reisser

I always hop on the subway and go to Canal Rubber.
You can order by phone as well.


Does anyone have a good source for rubber cord? Looking for 2mm,
3mm, and 4mm round, in black. 

Rio grande and stuller


McMaster-Carr carries Metric O-Ring Cord Stock made of Buna-N. This
is the most durable–much better than plastic. It comes in three
cross sections: round, square, and quad. You can order lengths as
short as 3 feet.

Vera Meyer

I would recommend Marco Rubber online or 800.775.6525 for a catalog.
The Buna-N is very durable and the black color doesn’t wear off on
clothes etc. Have fun ~ there’s lots to chose from!


You can find it in here

Inbar Bareket

The polymer clay people use someting called buna cord, but you may
be looking for bigger quantities or a better price break than they
usualy sell.

About 12-14 years ago, before the buna cord was available, I tried
finding something wholesale. Norton Performanc Plastics sent me a
lovely sample folder Norton Performance Plastics

(330) 798-9241
2664 Gilchrist Rd
Akron, OH 44305

and they had two flexible black tubings. One called Norprene a60-g’
which looks to me like it attracts dirt and lint and another nice
black, pretty smooth matt finish one called Fluran’. Says it comes
in various sizes and wall thickness’, listed in decimal inches. As I
recall, I had to do a lot of talking to get the samples, so if
you’ve got it narrowed down to the Fluran’ it might be easier to
find. My samples are at least ten years old, and not cracked or
hard. It doesn’t have a rubber or plastic smell, at least my old
sample doesn’t. I no longer have any pricing info–its for
industrial use though, and may be relatively expensive. or not.

let us know what you find.

Someone asked for a source for rubber cord. These are lengths by the
foot, not made up for neck pieces. They also sell small round rubber
rings sized to the cords that are great for holding beads in place.
It is a small operation, or was when I ordered a while back, so be
specific over the phone. The women who answered were not of the
computer age at that time. Things may have changed. Good products.
The shipping cost more than the cord.

I.B. Moore Co, Inc.
648 Laco Dr.
Lexington, KY 40510
Phone: 859-255-5501

Someone requested a source for rubber cord. I just came across an
old folder with an invoice from I.B. Moore Co from 2005. They sell
cord by the foot and matching rubber rings to slide on the cord which
is great for holding beads, etc in place. Much of their website seems
to be under construction.

I.B. Moore Co.
648 Laco Dr.
Lexington, KY 04510
Tel: 859-255-5501.