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[Source] Rough Diamonds

Might anyone have a source for rough diamonds? I’d like to get a
couple rough diamonds to set as-is, clarity is irrelevant, but I’d
like to get a nice shape/color (yellow).

Thanx in advance!!

Call Amgad Inc. if you wasnt to but rough yellow diamonds They deal
in diamonds and emeralds. 212 719-4111. Ask for Amnon.

I bought rough diamond crystals in Tucson from Jack and Elaine
Greenspan: (970) 925-2726, They’re located
in Woody Creek, CO.

I got some nice ones at Tucson from:

	Jack and Elaine Greenspan -
	PO Box 368
	Woody Creek, CO 81656

Nice folks. Not Related, etc the usual disclaimers.