[Source] Rough Diamonds in Canada


I’m doing an “art piece” which I just realized would work better
with rough gems but I’m in a time crunch AND I don’t want to spend
more on shipping that the stones themselves so I’m looking for rough
diamonds for sale in canada, preferably toronto


Aimee Kennedy

Aimee Kennedy

I suggest contacting (in Toronto) www.nikikavakonisdesigns.com and
ask her where she found her boart. The word boart is the proper name(
I believe) for an unpolished diamond. Tell her that you know Gerry
Lewy and see if she can help you. I helped her “award winning”

If you want an Industrial Diamond, call A. B. Superabrasive Tools @
905-760-9943, or J.K.Smith @ 905-566-5141=>(first choice) Hope this
helps you!..

Gerry Lewy!