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[Source] Rough Cube Diamonds


I was wondering if anyone knows of a reliable source for rough cube
diamonds. I need some small ones for a stone setting project. Prefer
either gem quality or very good industrial grade.

Thank you

Hello, To answer your quest for rough crystal diamond material, I
have some and get it from the washing we do in Sierra Leone. Please
be a little more specific as to what you are looking for and I will
see what I have or I can get the message to my people at the river
and they can pull the type of material that you are interested in.
Give me a size range, colour, clarity, and weather you want
octahedral or rough shapes or crystals.

Thanks, Stephen


I buy from, speak with Mark.

Good selection and very reliable.
Just a happy customer.



I am not exactly sure what shape you are looking for, but I do have
a few rough diamonds available in various shapes at

They are all VS or better in clarity.

I hope this helps.
Linda McMurray G.G., A.J.P. (GIA)
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