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[Source] Rose or red gold solder

does anybody have a clue as to where I can find real rose gold (as in
it has a rose color) solder?? please help

Stuller of Louisiana has a rose gold solder that is really red! In
fact, I often mix it with yellow to tone down the pink a bit. I’m
sure you could find similar products at the other places like Hoover
& Strong, Handy & Harmon, and the like. Other’s will give you more
sources, but yes, it is available. The Stuller stuff is a bit
sluggish to flow, so I treat it like 18 K solders, heating the piece
to the point where the flux is well glazed, with the solder ball on a
solder pick almost in the flame, then “plop” it on the joint. If you
hit it right, it flows, if not, it sets there till you soak it with
more heat. Bet you can find some formula’s in Orchid’s archives to
make you own, even.

David L. Huffman

We have some in the shop, I THINK it came from Stuller. It kinda
nasty, very high melt and brittle. Only one temp too, no hard easy
etc. karen in vancouver

Thanks David, Stuller is the only supplier I didn’t even think about.
I’ve either talked to or actually had just about everyone else send
me samples of their red solder. And yes so far all of the rose
solders I’ve used act like 18k solder, as you know it’s the high
copper content. I’ve even found a company in New Jersey that still
has cadmium in their rose solder to help with flow. No workie! I will try Stuller, Thanks Matt

I make my own by adding pure copper strands from electrical wire and
mixing it with 14k yellow easy solder.The more copper the more
red.Experiment around till you get the feel.I work in small as I go
batches.Just enough for the seem or piece Iam soldering Best J Morley Coyote Ridge Studio

Hello J., You can also use a pre- 1980 american penny. The copper is
great and mixes well. Have fun. Tom Arnold