[Source] Rose gold springring

I’m looking for a 14kt rose gold springring. I also have a customer
interested in rose gold earring studs for 7mm stones. Can anyone
recommend any suppliers out there? I couldn’t find these things in
Rio, Hoover, or Stuller, but please correct me if I’m wrong. I
appreciate the help. Happy New Year!!!


I just saw rose gold jump and springrings in Rio’s catalogue… I
also think Hoover sells them in 14kt only…rer

Hi Leslie,

Pasternakjewelry.com has rose gold spring rings. A site called
RoseGoldJewelry.com has spring rings and also earring studs up to 12
mm. Pricy, but they are hard to find. Don’t forget to order large
ear nuts for them too. Look under their findings tab. They sure look
like Stuller mountings to me.