[Source] Rose Gold and Green Gold Chains

Hi there…

I was on a hunt this past weekend at the MJSA show in NY. My search
was for red (or rose or pink… whatever you want to call it) gold
and green gold chains. I found some nice red gold… but nobody that
I spoke to could tell me where I could buy green gold chains
(without it being a special order and having to get 500 grams of
chain manufactured just for me!)

Anybody out there know of a source?

Thanks for your time! cheers… tracey

I don’t know what kind of chain you are looking for, but ALA
Casting, N.Y. has lots of cast heavy weight bracelet chains available
in 18k green gold. Those chains are pictured in the green hardback
catalog, published 1978, still available, or this catalog is shown
online at www.alacasting.com. To reach the green catalog, you must go
thru the ‘sitemap’ at the bottom of the page. Between this catalog
and their others, they offer over 120,000 raw castings in 10, 14,
18k, y/g, w/g, green gold, and I am sure other colors too.

Ed in Kokomo

Hi Tracey,

Who had the rose gold chains? I would appreciate knowing.

Steve Walker

Try Herco in San Fran. They have green and rose. 866.220.3223 The
green is shown in their yellow gold chains, but does not specify it.
In my case, I did not know it was green until I recieved it.

Also check with Downeast Trading.

Good luck,